FT4034 Wind Speed Sensor

FT4034 Wind Speed Sensor


The wind speed sensor type FT4034 serves for the transmission of electrically measured values of the wind speed. It is designed for applications in meteorology and environmental protection, e.g. automatic weather stations, at airports, on research vessels, at industrial sites, for mobile measuring systems etc. Thanks to various simultaneously usable outputs it is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks.
The reflecting wheel, made of special plated aluminum, is equipped with 15 black segments. During rotation, these segments pass the light barrier and create a sequence of reflection and absorption pulses, at a frequency proportional to the wind speed.
The exact relation between rotational speed and the wind run; the corresponding wind- run to one rotation is 1.5 m. As there are 15 segments on the rotating wheel a resolution of 1.5/15 = 0.1 m wind run results and the corresponding frequency output to a measuring range 0...60 m/s is 0...600 Hz. The subsequent electronic circuitry converts this signal to a digital output, resp. further analog.




17 October 2018


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