FT3032 Combined Temperature / Humidity Sensor in Shelter

FT3032 Combined Temperature / Humidity Sensor in Shelter


The transmitter type FT3032 is designed for measurement of relative humidity and temperature. Sensing is accomplished by capacitive measuring element for humidity and a platinum resistor Pt 100 for temperature measurement. Both sensors are located at the tip of a probe and protected by a membrane filter. The probe is mounted at the base plate by means of a special socket. There the probe is fixed with a fixation screw. The base plate provides 2 holes, 30 mm distance, for M8 screws for fastening.

The unit is protected by a radiation protection shelter, made of a special white plastic material. Following versions are further available: Version with electrical ventilation, to obtain exact measuring values even with total calm. Version with measuring converter which is placed in a housing underneath the sensor. Data output is 4...20 mA each.


Felixenviro FT2030 0000 Air Temperature Sensor in Shelter small   Felixenviro FT2030 2000 Air Temperature Sensor in Shelter small
3032.0000 / 3032.1000 / 3032.2000  

3032.0200 / 3032.1200 / 3032.2200




17 October 2018


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