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Solar Farm Weather Monitoring Station

Solar Farm Weather Monitoring Station


A Solar Farm Weather Monitoring Station is a meteorological station at which common meteorological sensors are mounted on a tripod or lattice or monopole mast. The meteorological data are then stored in a data logger and can be transmitted to a remote server automatically. This configuration is used to increase the number and also the reliability of real-time solar data. The unit can be powered from an AC source (100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) or a solar panel power system.

Key Features

  • Measures ambient temperature, relative humidity and wind speed, wind direction
  • Measures direct & defuse irradiance
  • Measures surface temperature of solar panel
  • Modular and Robust design
  • Various mode of Communications
  • Supports RS232/422/485, Ethernet and USB ports
  • Battery backup with solar panel


  • Solar Resource Assessment
  • Power Generation Monitoring
  • Solar Farm Commissioning
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Standard Configuration

The standard system consists of wind speed and direction sensor, ambient temperature and humidity sensor, two pyranometers and a temperature sensor for solar panel temperature measurement.




09 December 2017


Meteorological Equipment

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