FT3504 Soil Moisture Sensors

FT3504 Soil Moisture Sensors


Types FT3504.1000 TRIME TDR-probes can report soil EC as standard simultaneously with soil moisture content percentage. A manual conversion based on researched curves for different soil types enables the user to derive a soil EC expressed in mg/l TDS (total dissolved salts). 

TRIME probes measure moisture and conductivity very precisely at a frequency of 1GHz with a better and more exact separation of moisture and conductivity in comparison to capacitive probes with lower frequencies. This means that in practice, a reliable determination of the pore water conductivity ECw and respectively TDS (mg of salt per liter water) is possible at different moisture levels. 

TRIME-PICO64 sensor with integrated TDR-electronics

TRIME-PICO rod probes are highly sophisticated high-tech devices and extremely robust. A unique feature is their integrated TDR electronics, thus achieving the greatest accuracy and best networking capability e.g. digital network cable lengths of up to 3 km are possible for the IMP-Bus version. In contrast to other methods TRIME-PICO is less effected by disturbing variables such as temperature or electrical conductivity. An integrated temperature sensor gives valuable additional information. 

For in situ monitoring of volumetric moisture in soils and other porous materials. The large measuring volume permits high spatial resolution. Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation. Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation. Due to its mechanical robustness TRIME-PICO64 is recommended for mobile use together with Bluetooth module PICO-BT or rugged display unit HD2.

  • TRIME-PICO64 is the sensor for maximum accuracy in materials with bulk electrical conductivity of up to 12dS/m (Bulk-Soil-Conductivity)
  • Large measuring volume more than 1250ml
  • The best solution for heterogeneous and stony soils




01 September 2017


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